You can create and manage your team on Fuzen by going to the "Manage Team" section in the main menu.

Within the "Manage Team" section, you can view the details of your team from "Team Account" page.

Go to the "Invite Users" link to invite all your team members to join Fuzen account. Anyone can join Fuzen platform for free. Fuzen membership is free forever. You will need to pay only when you want to use any particular paid solution templates on Fuzen.

Any invited user, will get an email invitation with a link to complete the registration process.

They need to click on the 'Fuzen registration link'. Then they will be asked to connect their Gmail or G suite account with your team on Fuzen. Click on the 'Login with your Google Account' button to complete the registration process.

To view a list of all your team members, go to the "Team Members" page. Click on any user's name to view his / her profile.