Fuzen.io is a solution platform to integrate your favorite tools with customized workflows. Fuzen offers a number of 'pre-built solution templates' that integrate spreadsheets, folders, emails and other apps to create integrated solutions within seconds. 

Here's a guide to buying a new app template from Fuzen's gallery of templates.

Once you have added a template to your Fuzen account, you can use it to create a new app.

Go to the "My Apps >> Add New" link in the main menu, to open the form for creating a new app, using template.

Fill up this form to give a title and description to the new app you want to create. Select the app template that you want to use. If you don't see the template that you want in the 'Solution Template' dropdown list, you will need to buy it by following these steps.

Next, select the team members who are going to work with this new app. Select all the names that you want to add and then click on 'Add Solution' button.

Please note that many of the Fuzen app templates integrate the tools from your Google Drive (sheets, docs, folders, Gmail etc.) for form integrated business solutions.

For this purpose, Fuzen needs access to your Google drive to connect these tools and set up custom workflows. If your Google drive is already connected to your Fuzen account, then your new app will be readily created.

But, if you are creating your first app, you will need to create your Google Drive to Fuzen.

Just follow the instructions to allow Fuzen access to your Google Drive account. Please make sure that you use the same Google / G suite account that you have used to sign up on Fuzen.

Once your Google drive is successfully connected to Fuzen, you will be able to create new apps using the templates that you have bought.